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Partial Knee Replacement with Makoplasty
MAKOplastyŽ is a novel surgical procedure performed to relieve pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis.
Partial Knee Replacement with Makoplasty
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Partial Knee Replacement with Makoplasty
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Get "Spring" In Your Step

Get Spring In Your StepThe cold nights are beginning to become less frequent and the days are getting longer. It is safe to say that spring is in the air all across Central Florida. This is a great time to shake off our winter doldrums and refocus our energies on an active and healthy lifestyle.

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To Your Health: A Resolution To Keep Active

To Your Health: A Resolution To Keep ActiveOver the next few weeks there are a few trends that you can easily spot across our county that are directly correlated with this type of health-focused resolution. Number one: the normally empty gyms are now packed. Number two: the local grocery stores' produce and organic food aisles are more crowded as well as picked over. Finally, the DeLorenzi Orthopaedic Center (DOC) office sees an increase in accidental injuries that can be caused by even the best of healthy intentions.

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Don't Give Your Pain The Cold Shoulder

Don't Give Your Pain The Cold ShoulderMost of us on the Space Coast live pretty active and busy lives. Balancing our professional and personal lives often means squeezing quick workouts into our lunch breaks and running errands between dropping off and picking up kids at school. All of these are performed while simultaneously striving to keep healthy habits, like eating right, working out, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying hobbies.

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Tips for Active Men's Fitness

Tips for Active Men’s FitnessMaking a home in sunny Florida offers us a wide array of outdoor activities throughout the year. Whether it is swimming, biking, running on the beach or playing basketball in a local park, our consistently warm calendar provides everyone a great opportunity to get outside and move. Over the last year, the team at DeLorenzi Orthopaedic Center (DOC) has noticed a sharp rise in 35-55-year-old men taking on a more aggressive outdoor cardiovascular workout routine – and with that we have also seen an increase in avoidable injuries like joint strains, pulled muscles and even torn ligaments.

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Women & Weight Training

Women Weight TrainingWhen the DeLorenzi Orthopaedic Center (DOC) was founded, my fundamental focus was getting people back to the active lifestyles they love. As a surgeon with over 20 years of experience, my focus has, ever so slightly, changed from repairing what has been torn, stretched or broken, to focusing more on a preventative approach to orthopaedic care.

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How to Avoid Golf Hazards

Avoid Golf HazardsEveryone knows that our great state is a haven for golf; however, did you know that there are roughly 13 golf courses in Brevard County alone? Our local courses provide an amazing opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy this sport throughout the year.

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To Your Health, Women’s Joint Care

Womens Joint CareMany of the female patients that come into the DeLorenzi Orthopaedic Center (DOC) office have various complaints about multiple joint pains.

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Game-Changing Orthopaedic Care

Game Changing Orthopaedic CareOrthopaedic surgeon Dr. Raymond DeLorenzi opens his own practice, treating virtually every disorder of the musculoskeletal system.

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