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Partial Knee Replacement with Makoplasty
MAKOplastyŽ is a novel surgical procedure performed to relieve pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis.
Partial Knee Replacement with Makoplasty
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Partial Knee Replacement with Makoplasty
Patient Info

Patient Appointment Checklist

Appointment Checklist

Be Prepared for your personal evaluation by obtaining your current or previous Physician's or hospital's medical and surgical records, relevant diagnostic testing, and all recent diagnostic films, if any. You may be referred for updated x-ray or other imaging tests deemed necessary for a comprehensive consultation with Dr. DeLorenzi. This will aid in diagnosing your condition and will help to formulate and determine your treatment plan.

Medical Records

Please bring all records pertaining to your present orthopaedic condition. Gather all the information; if you need assistance to access any prior relevant records, our staff can help direct you to steps to acquire that information. Please identify any medical condition you may have including but not limited to: diabetes, heart problems, anemia or blood conditions, bronchial disorders, etc. Sometimes concurrent medical conditions may impact the choice of orthopaedic treatment and your anticipated orthopaedic result.

X-Ray Records

All X-ray films taken within the last 6 months, including MRI's , Bone or CT Scans.

Medication List

  • Please bring either the medication container(s), or a list of all your current medications, including the dosage.
  • Please list any and all herbal, vitamin or holistic homeopathic supplements you may be taking.
  • Please identify any creams or ointments, either over the counter or prescribed, that you may be applying to a wound or surgical site.
  • Be prepared to discuss any known drug or substance allergies(including latex), or a suspected intolerance to any medication or supplement of any kind.
  • Please have available the name and telephone number of your local pharmacy

Identification Required

  • Bring your insurance card(s)
  • Bring your photo identity (e.g., Drivers License)
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